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Welcome to my Work In Progress


You probably know me from my science fiction writing, mostly in Analog magazine. (Been there since 1998. It's almost like home now.) Some of you might know me from humorous projects I've done on the side. And a few of you may just be family members peeking in. (Hi, Mom.)

I hope to have something for all of you here. I'll be featuring stories I've published over the years, along with insights into selected ones. I'll be showing off some of the other writing I've done, with greater or lesser connections to science fiction. And there will be random stuff I'll throw in from time to time, to keep things fresh.

Right now, this website remains a work in progress. I'm still planning to put more of my stories up here, but that's not as quick a process as it once was. Keep peeking in for updates on what I've added.

Eventually, that should include a slightly better photo of me. I'll get that posted just as soon as the camera quits acting like it works at the DMV, and making me look like -- well, you don't need to hear about that.

There will also very likely be stylistic updates, just as soon as I can bone up properly on web design. Nothing too fancy-schmancy, though: I'm going to try to stick with substance over style here. Until I learn some style, anyway.

So take a look around, please. Navigating buttons are on your left: they'll get you where you need to go, and with no dead ends. Ten of my stories are posted here for your reading pleasure, along with an award-winning article. And if you run out of interesting stuff to read, don't worry, there will be more soon.

If you want to drop me a note -- even, or especially, to point out glitches here at the website -- my mailbox is always open. Not to spam, though, so I'll have to be careful spelling it out:

shane at (the URL, minus www period)

And if that doesn't stymie the spambots, nothing will.


Recently Released

"Just and Lasting" -- this website, March 18, 2015



May 15, 2016 -- The other stories in the "First Impressions" series that I promised are now posted. "First Impressions", "Persistent Patterns", and "Acts of Conscience", the first, second, and fourth installments respectively, are at the given links.

The first couple stories perhaps show their age more than the rest, and not merely because they are older. I was trying to make some predictions about the next couple decades, in areas as disparate as war and language, and I did not hit the marks particularly well. Too bad for me.

So I promised these added stories in weeks or even days, and delivered them in days. I guess I really was motivated by recent events. Unfortunate. Both the need for the motivation, and the events.

SMoD 2016.

May 11, 2016 -- There are several stories I have held back from this website for a long time. But no longer.

My "First Impressions" series involved a technique to rewrite portions of the human brain, using sections of another's brain as a template. This was conceived originally as a way to rehabilitate the most violent and irremediable of criminals, but was perverted from its intended course, first gradually and then with a shocking suddenness. As the series had a substantial political component, strengthening with time until becoming quite explicit in the final novella, I was wary about posting them here and getting readers angry at me (those who hadn't already been angered when the stories ran in Analog).

The least offending of the works, "A New Man", I posted here some time ago, but I thought I would never post the others.

Until now. Political developments in the United States are now such that the nightmare scenarios I constructed are, at least in my sight, all too believable. In a sense, one has already come to pass. (Read to the end of "Of One Mind" and you'll understand that cryptic assertion much better.)

So I have grown an extra vertebra or two and posted the last two novellas of the series, "Trial by Fire" and "Of One Mind", at the website. My greatest regret is that I have done so too late, that instead of shouting "Look what you idiots are doing!" I am reduced to shouting "Look what you idiots have done!" Earlier stories in the series will be coming fairly soon, weeks or even days rather than months or even years.

And in case I hadn't made it clear already: SMoD 2016!

March 18, 2015 -- I have gone so long here without an update that it would take something special to compensate for the months of silence. So I offer you something special: a new story, exclusive to this website.

We are coming up on the 150th anniversary of one of the saddest dates in American history: the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In this alternate history, entitled "Just and Lasting", I imagine what could have happened had John Wilkes Booth not fired his shot on April 14th, 1865. Specifically, I portray a meeting that never happened in real life, but that Lincoln was hoping during the last days of his life to bring about. Can the master politician reach a reconciliation with his greatest foe? Read and see.


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